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White Hot Truth

White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another by Danielle LaPorte
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There is a level of spirituality that some people can help you get to, and Danielle Laporte is that person. So many times we have obstacles in our lives that we don't even know exist, because we don't want to see them. Danielle delivers TRUTH in this book. An eye opening truth. Where you are soothed into realizing all and any obstacles were all in your head.
Clarity. Vision. Motivation. Love. Power. Serenity. Peace. Success. Soul. Heart. Truth. Belief. Connection. Forgiveness. God.
White Hot Truth get's down to the nitty gritty and down right dirty of it all. What is stopping you from being your own true self.
White Hot Truth helped me realize that I was created for more. Helped me realize that I had been faking 'self-love.'
I am more honest with my love. More open with my soul. More welcoming to my purpose in life.
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Why ... haven't I figured this out yet?

Eventually, It will come together. Right?

My friends. I will be the first to tell you that I am all over the place. From the moment I wake up in the morning and all the way until 2 or 3 in the morning.  My brain never shuts off.  However, my brain literally has me in mindless rabbit holes about 80% of my day. For example, this morning during my 'quiet time', I had a vision about my my grass needing to be cut.  Then I brought myself back.  Then I had a vision of my desk and how messy it was, then I brought myself back.  I also had a vision of what the earth looked like from space.  Then my favorite makeup brush. Then if I was going to have eggs or cereal for breakfast.  All of this took place in about 10 seconds. That is when the dogs come into play!
So, I've decided that it's time for figure out this 'focus' thing. Here is my plan ... so far. I'm sure it will change. I'm sure it will grow, but for now, like literally this morning, here is what I've…

To start this back up again ...

This is going to be a brain dump post ... so get ready!

I actually don't have anything super crazy to share or super interesting to share, I almost feel as if I don't write anything, nothing will really happen.  LOL.
I'd like to think I am pretty interesting.  So we'll see how this goes.

I like to write.  I like to share my thoughts and what I see and how I perceive them.
I am a makeup artist in Virginia Beach.
I am married ... 10 years strong to an amazing 'White Boy' (it's a long story, I'll share later)
I have three children.  Current ages are 21, 16, 9.
I am a mother to a beautiful Asperger Baby (my 9yo)
I am close with my parents and my sisters. Sometimes a little too close.
I hate writing to people but I love to write for people.  Does that even make any sense?
I have an unhealthy obsession with Facebook, so I am taking some time off.
I like to have my ducks in a row, but they are currently flying off chasing imaginary red dots.
I am lo…

Learning From Gabriel ...

I had rough morning with Gabriel. I let my 6yo get the better of me. I know he isn't a morning person, and neither am I. I went out of the routine this morning and let him watch cartoons BEFORE he was ready to go. (at the time it seemed like a good idea, don't judge). Time caught up to us and then it was a mad dash to get everything ready only to realize we were ahead of schedule. That just made me more upset ... that I was upset and I had no real reason to be. UGH. I left without hugging and kissing him goodbye.

I made it to the highway before God told me I should call him and wish him a happy day. I called, apologized for fussing at him and I hoped he would have a great day. What he said next has been on my mind alllll morning. He said "We had a rough morning because you forgot to come into my room and pray with me last night. You have to remember to pray with me. When you pray with me, I have a good day the next day."
I don't take Gab…

The Government Made Me Cry

How do I explain this to my children?

I am literally in tears right now.  Dinner conversation was intense tonight as I began plans to take over the bills for the house. I'll be honest, my full time job pays me under 40k per year.  My husband makes ALOT more than that. I'm looking at past statements ...  I can't breathe.  I don't make enough money to support my home.  Panic sets in and anxiety takes over.  I am not doing a very good job of hiding it my fear of our future.

I need to purchase foundation for some of my future makeup appointments and I made a choice to skip that and pay off the $200 water bill.  I have 2 gigs this weekend, which will support me buying new foundation ... but justifying buying foundation vs. paying off the mortgage.  Foundation loses.

Yoder tried to give me his CC to purchase the foundation.  Of course I turned it away.  He tried to hand it to me again ... and now I'm angry.  How can you remain so calm when we are in the situation we a…

True Biker Chick

I stopped by Farm Fresh on the way home, today. Of course, I was on my bike.

 I've gotten pretty used to weird looks. A girl walking around with a helmet and an Icon chest protector ... most of the time, they are looking for whatever guy I MUST BE riding with.

Standing in line with my shampoo and hairspray, I heard a lady behind me say, "What do you ride?" Now, people who don't ride will say, "What kind of bike do you have?" ... I've learned that other riders will ask "What do you ride?" I was tired, on my way home from a late day at work and hungry. I didn't have time for a chit chat about bikes. Not today. I didn't turn around all the way. I said over my shoulder "A Yamaha YZF 600r." The lady said "Oh, thats nice dear."

Part of me was annoyed at her tone. Another part of me felt disappointed in myself. I would hate if someone ignored my grandmother like that. I swallowed my pride and turned around. She was defi…